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Dismantling Racism Education Advocacy Mobilization Collective

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Dismantling Racism Education Advocacy Mobilization Collective

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Dismantling Racism Education Advocacy Mobilization Collective

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Dismantling Racism Education Advocacy Mobilization Collective

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Dismantling Racism Education Advocacy Mobilization Collective

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Dismantling Racism through Education, Advocacy and Mobilization


Dismantling – Racism and white supremacy are social constructs created to repress, oppress, and dehumanize Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) on a global scale.  The realities of harm and violence perpetrated by white supremacy must be confronted, named, and addressed. It is our intent to dismantle these social constructs by reconstructing the ideologies and social practices that uphold white supremacy. The DREAM Collective accomplishes this through anti-racist education, the advocacy for institutional change, and the mobilization of collectives to combat racism and white supremacy. 

Racism – Racism as a social performance of violence and repression is reified through explicit behaviors and actions as well as policy and legislation. Racism is also socially enacted through subversive, passive, and strategic means to maintain and support white supremacy. There is a nexus of social identities that people across this planet are dehumanized for and the DREAM Collective seeks to honor and engage in restorative practices to combat racism through anti-racism training and education.

Education –  Using Critical Race Praxis as a theoretical framework, we provide anti-racism training for educators, law enforcement, health care, mental health, and corporate structures.

Advocacy – The DREAM Collective advocates for change to institutional racial climates creating more equitable and socially just communities, places of employment, and government institutions.

Mobilization – Mobilizing direct anti-racist action(s) in service to the deconstruction of white supremacy through providing resources, supporting ongoing actions, and the training of collectives of anti-racist practitioners. 

Blacktivism in the Academy Podcast

The DREAM Collective and That Untitled Project present the “Blacktivism in the Academy” podcast!

This podcast will encourage and facilitate learning, activism and anti-racist action. Prominent speakers from communities of color will address how to step out of the societal cyclical patterns of our shared past. If you are seeking a community of like- minded scholar-activists, keep listening. Our podcast is available on Spotify, Stitcher and iTunes as well as all major podcast platforms. 

The Dismantling We Do

Our approach to dismantling racism is built upon a foundation of growing, nurturing, and sustaining a community of scholar-activists whose aim is to deconstruct systems of white supremacy across spaces.

We specifically dismantle racism by:

  • Persistently looking at ourselves and the work we do. The DREAM Collective constantly asks ourselves, “Is this labor we are doing, replicating the white supremacy shit we seek to dismantle?” We engage in intensive self-checking and operate under the guise of continual self-reflexivity. As scholar-activists, we believe that this work of dismantling racism and white supremacy is never done and requires constant inward reflection and outward engagement with societal injustices.

Our core council

A collective of like-minded scholar-activists, etching out space for restoration, [re]equipping, and affirming the work of anti-racists.

Critical Race Theory Framework

Our racial justice work is informed by critical race theory and praxis. We understand that racism is endemic to all institutions in the United States, making it a normalized experience. Racism and white supremacy are further entrenched and enshrouded in the U.S. society via the myth of meritocracy. This myth asserts historic legislation such as Brown v. The Board of Education (1954), which ushered in an era of racial equality. Our work exposes the falsity of this myth through Bell’s (1982) notion of interest convergence. We assert that racial progress often disproportionately serves the interest of white elites and working class people while providing marginal benefit to BIPOC. The third tenet in this framework is the acceptance that race is a social construct. There is no genetic or biological evidence that holds differences between the races. Closely related to this is the idea that people of color hold their own histories and origin stories that express the lived experience of subjugation and oppression. Unique voices of color are to be heard and believed. 


Systems of racialized oppression are consistently reified through everyday organizational practices that dehumanize Black, Indigenous, and other Persons of Color (BIPOC). The goal of our video series is to clearly identify the systems, structures, and practices that maintain institutional racism and white supremacy in PK20 institutions of education, governmental agencies, and NGOs.


The Dream Journal

Coming Soon!

Latest Events

Professional Human Development

The DREAM Collective provides professional development through our model of Professional Human Development (PHD). Our PHD model seeks to make dispositional and operational changes to decenter whiteness and disassemble white supremacy in persons and organizations. The DREAM Collective operates from a space of long-term change verses short-gain appeasement.