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Systems of racialized oppression are consistently reified through everyday organizational practices that dehumanize Black, Indigenous, and other Persons of Color (BIPOC). The goal of our video series is to clearly identify the systems, structures, and practices that maintain institutional racism and white supremacy in PK20 institutions of education, governmental agencies, and NGOs. Through collective bodies, we explore actionable steps to identify, disrupt, and ultimately dismantle systems of white supremacy. It is our belief that meaningful change, which restores the lost opportunities of BIPOC, requires that the people of institutions engage in self-reflection, examination of practices and policies, and actions that translate to structural and systemic change. Anything less would follow a dehumanizing trend of educators and educator leaders perpetuating the status quo.

Critical creativity: Honoring the roots of CRT through artistic expression

Using music, art, and spoken word; a panel of scholars anchored the history of Critical Race Theory (CRT) through an oral account by Dr. Theodorea Berry. Participants joined the creativity as they sharee artistic expressions to the tenets and principles of CRT.

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